Xing Dance Theater is a movement research based company located in Baltimore, Maryland. By combining Chinese and Modern dance, XDT connects audiences to the rich and many Chinese cultures. XDT actively researches Chinese dance and provides educational opportunities to engage Chinese-American and non Chinese-American populations. Since its founding in 2016, XTD has been invited and selected to perform at the NextNow Festival, Maryland Campaign, 2018 Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, Global Perspectives Festival Washington DC, Maryland Dance Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, South Korea Busan Metropolitan Dance Company 2018 Production, 2019 Baltimore Dance Invitational, 2019 China Taiyuan International Dance Festival, 2019 Washington DC Chinese New Year Gala, 2019 China & America New Year Gala at the Kennedy Center, 2019 Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, 2019 Richmond Dance Festival, 2019 Japan SAI International Dance Festival and 2019 Detroit City Dance Festival.