Xing Dance Theater Education
2022 Fall Concert Schedule

Xing Dance Theater Education  
2022 Fall Concert
Dec. 20 @7PM
Runtime 2 hours


The Clarice Performing Arts Center 
Dance Theater

8270 Alumni Dr, College Park, MD 20742


8:00AM Prep – Crew in
XDT production team arrive in theater (lighting, sound, stage manager, crew)

Xing Dance Theater Dancers call 

9AM-11:30AM Tech
Citizen dancers on stage lighting

Sunflower dancers call
XDT Student Company call
All adult program dancers call

Sunflower stage lighting

All XDT Students call

Production Team Lunch Break

《岁月如歌》stage lighting

Showcase stage lighting (All)

Production team dinner break.

6:30PM House open
Sunflower/Citizen dancers stage warm up

Performance (intermission approx, 8PM)

Stage photos

Main lobby meeting with guests and family

Production crew out



The Clarice Performing Arts Center Tour

Studio warm up 

Stage Tech and rehearsal with Allen

Stage/Studio rehearsal with James

Stage/Studio rehearsal with Jovannie

Studio Mater class with Facundo

Ballet/warm up class with Abraham 

Photo/Media shooting 




Studio space:
XDT Dance Studio 1
XDT Adult Program Students

XDT Dance Studio 2
XDT Youth Program Students
Xing Dance Theater

Dressing room
Dressing room 1
Xing Dance Theater

Dressing room 2
XDT Adult Program 《岁月如歌》

Dressing room 3
XDT Youth Maryland Students

Dressing room 4
XDT Youth VA Fundamental class

Dressing room 5
XDT Youth VA Students

Dressing room 6
XDT Youth VA Students

VIP Greeting room 1
Xing Dance Theater and guest

VIP Greeting room 2
XDT Adult and Youth

Program Coming soon…

Play Video

by Xing Dance Theater
My Old Life. Awaking. Opportunity. Shape in Water. The Sharp Shadow. The Color of Skin. 
Length 35min
Choreographer/Costume/Lighting: Allen Chunhui Xing
Performers: Jovannie Aranzamendi Nieves, James Thomas Esquilin, Abraham Texidor Aguilera, Allen Chunhui Xing
Music: by Steve Mazzaro

Singapore International Dance Festival Choreography and Performance Gold Award, 2021
DC Choreography Dance Festival 2021
Spector Dance’s Choreographers Showcase 2022
Japan SAI International Dance Festival 2022
Orlando Contemporary Choreography Festival 2022
Battery Dance Festival, NYC 2022
Seoul Contemporary Ballet of Asia 2022
Detroit Dance City Festival, MI 2022
Festival De Movimiento Puerto Rico 2022
Finland International Dance Gala 2023
City Dance Festival International Edition 2023
Booking Dance Festival, NYC 2023

Shape in Water 
(solo in Citizen)
Baltimore Dance Invitational 2018
Maryland Dance Festival 2018
Beijing Dance Festival 2018
Seoul International Choreography Festival 2019
The Dance Gallery Festival NYC 2019
Richmond Dance Festival 2019
Mexico City International Contemporary Dance Festival 2021
Men in Dance Festival Seattl 2022
Finland International Dance Gala 2023


Play Video
Play Video

by XDT Student Company
Length 25 min
Choreographer/Costume Designer: Allen Chunhui Xing
Performers: Carissa Qin, Chloe Brown, Kristen Han, Jenny Huang, Irena Tan, Carolyn Tai, Olivia Xia, Claire Zhu, Caroline Fu, Venita Wang

2021 Singapore International Dance Festival.
2021 Peabody Dance! Festival
2021 DC Choreography Dance Festival
2022 Spector Dance’s Choreographers Showcase
2022 Richmond Dance Festival
2022 Detroit Dance City Festival



by XDT Education Adult Program
Length 15 min
Choreographer/Costume Designer: Allen Chunhui Xing


Student Showcase   
by XDT Education Students
Length 40 min

More about Xing Dance Theater

Xing Dance Theater 
Xing Dance Theater is a contemporary dance company based in Maryland. It dedicates to movement research, creation, collaboration, cultural exchange, and education. Under the company, XDT Education provides training for all ages and abilities with our cutting-edge, proprietary curriculum following our XDT professional company model that is movement research based. XDT facilities are located in College Park, MD, Rockville, MD and Tysons, VA. Since its founding in 2018, XTD has been invited and selected to perform at  the Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, Battery Dance Festival, Dance Gallery Festival New York City, NextNow Festival, The Clarice Performing Art Center Second Season, Maryland Campaign, Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, Washington DC Global Perspectives Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, Maryland Dance Festival, The Kennedy Center China Spring New Year Festival Gala, Richmond Dance Festival, Japan SAI International Dance Festival, Detroit City Dance Festival, City Dance Festival Choreography Showcase -Taiyuan, Seoul Choreography International Festival South Korea, Dance Gallery Festival New York City, Joy of Dance OY Finland International Dance Gala, Mexico City International Contemporary Dance Festival, Asian Contemporary Ballet Festival South Korea, Dance Place 2020 Season Washington DC, DC Choreography Dance Festival, Singapore International Dance Festival, SpectorDance’s Choreographers Showcase. Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival, NBA Washington Wizards Game Halftime guest performance, and Men in Dance Festival

XDT Education 
Founded in 2018, XDT Education provides training for all ages and abilities with custom cutting-edge, proprietary curriculum following XDT‘s professional company model with facilities in Tysons, VA, Rockville, MD, and College Park, MD. XDTE has hosted master classes and workshops across the United States and in China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.

XDT Education includes a Student Dance Company to provide real life performances following a professional model. The XDT Student Company dancers are supported by a full scholarship and receive technique class, XDT repertory, and actively participate in the creation and rehearsal process for new productions. This helps the student build a self-evaluation system to set goals. Since its founding, the Student Dance Company has performed at the DC Choreography Festival, Peabody Dance! Festival, Washington Wizards NBA Half Time Show, Spector Dance’s Choreographers Showcase in California, Detroit Dance City Festival, and the Singapore International Dance Festival. XDT Student Dance Company dancers have also performed at the Washington DC Global Perspectives Festival and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival with the Xing Dance Theater.

The adult program is geared to those who desire to learn or enhance their skills, plus, the program provides professional performance opportunities. To foster community relationships, we launched a free community program for adults of all abilities to explore the joy of movement.