Xing Dance Theater
2022 Fall Concert
Sun 1/8
Live Streaming

Xing Dance Theater 
2022 Fall Concert
Jan 8
8PM Puerto Rico


Live Streaming 


by XDT Student Company
Length 25 min 
Choreographer/Costume Designer: Allen Chunhui Xing
Performers: Carissa Qin, Chloe Brown, Kristen Han, Jenny Huang, Carolyn Tai, Olivia Xia,
Claire Zhu, Caroline Fu, Venita Wang, Iris Ou, Lindsey Wu

Choreography notes
In the early days of the pandemic, many Asian-Americans faced random acts of violence. As a Chinese immigrant living in the US since 2011, I understand the challenge that that those who look different often face. Sunflower, the great American Yellow Flower, that stands tall and follows the sun was my inspiration to showcase immigration stories and those of first-generation Americans The work is performed by first-generation Chinese-Americans – the seeds of culture for years to come, standing tall, proud, and a vital part of our community.


2021 Singapore International Dance Festival.
2021 Peabody Dance! Festival
2021 DC Choreography Dance Festival
2022 Spector Dance’s Choreographers Showcase
2022 Richmond Dance Festival
2022 Detroit Dance City Festival

by Xing Dance Theater
My Old Life. Awaking. Opportunity. Shape in Water. The Sharp Shadow. The Color of Skin. 
Choreographer/Costume/Lighting: Allen Chunhui Xing
Performers: Jovannie Aranzamendi Nieves, James Thomas Esquilin, Abraham Texidor Aguilera, Allen Chunhui Xing 
Music: by Steve Mazzaro

Choreography notes 
Standing on the street, watching people passing through. They look different, dress different, and speak different. The facial expressions show people happy, sad, cold, positive and stressed…each of them has a story of their own lives. 

As citizens of a society, country, we are facing many different challenges. Challenges from the living environment, political environment, work… and most impact ourselves. As citizens of the society, we receive labels… labels of being a foreigner, immigrant, white, black, Asian, poor, old, young, rich,……..people fight for the label they want, people fight for the label they don’t….

We fight for the opportunities, we fight to overcome diseases, we fight for our lives. But what matters? What are YOU fighting for? Standing on the stage, after we share our stories and expose our inner selves, you see skins, muscles, bones lines, movement, weight shitting, sharing, supporting, we are human bodies. What labels do you actually see? 

The inspiration for creating Citizen is the personal experience of my life in the USA. I have used my own stories and inserted other performers’ stories. Four dancers on stage, we tell our stories and remove the labels; we are dancers, dancers with different colors. Dancers have the same human body structures. What labels can you still see? Does color still matter? 


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Singapore International Dance Festival Choreography and Performance Gold Award, 2021
DC Choreography Dance Festival 2021
Spector Dance’s Choreographers Showcase 2022
Japan SAI International Dance Festival 2022
Orlando Contemporary Choreography Festival 2022
Battery Dance Festival, NYC 2022
Seoul Contemporary Ballet of Asia 2022
Detroit Dance City Festival, MI 2022
Festival De Movimiento Puerto Rico 2022
Finland International Dance Gala 2023
City Dance Festival International Edition 2023
Booking Dance Festival, NYC 2023


Time in Songs
by XDT Education Adult Program
Length 18 min
Choreographer/Costume Designer: Allen Chunhui Xing
 Anna Song,  Chi-Yu Sun,  Leona Ru, Lily Dai, Ling Li, Ling Liu, May Li, Monica Axis Zhang, Ning Yin, Iris Jiang, Ling Liu, Wen Huang


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Student Showcase   
by XDT Education Students
Length 50 min

Technique Showing    
Abby Cheng, Annabelle Mu, Carissa Qin, Caroline Fu, Carolyn Tai, Chloe Brown, Chloe Tang, Cindy Li, Claire Zhu, Crystal Liu, Elaine Zhang, Glenda Lu, Gloria Lu, Grace Li, Han Lin, Iris Ou, Jenny Huang, Kristine Hang, Lindsay Wu, Olivia Tweedy, Rebecca Cheng, Ruby Xu, Rui Feng, Selena Shen, Selene Yu, Sunny Zhang, Venita Wang, Vicky Li, Victoria Wang, Yoyo Yu

Choreographer: James Thomas Esquilin
Chi-Yu Sun, Hong Jiao, Leona Ru, Ling Liu, Monica Aixiu Zhang, Ning Yin

Choreographer: Allen Chunhui Xing
Performers: Abby Cheng, Caroline Fu, Carolyn Tai, Claire Zhu, Iris Ou, Jenny Huang, Kristine Han, Ruby Xu, Venita Wang

Claire de Lune
Choreographer: James Thomas Esquilin
Performers: Carissa Qin, Lindsey Wu, Sunny Zhang

Angel by the Wing
Choreographer: Jovannie Aranzamendi Nieves
Performers: Chloe Tang, Elaine Zhang, Glenda Lu, Gloria Lu, Selena Shen

Cloudy Day
Choreographer: James Thomas Esquilin
Performers: Carissa Qin, Chloe Brown, Cindy Li, Crystal Liu, Grace Li, Han Lin,
Iris Ou, Lindsey Wu, Rui Feng, Selene Yu, Sunny Zhang, Yoyo Yu

He is Not Good Enough For You
Choreographer/Perfomer Facundo Idio

City of Stars
Choreographer: James Thomas Esquilin
Performers: Carissa Qin, Iris Ou, Lindsey Wu, Sunny Zhang, Yoyo Yu

What a Wonderful World
Choreographer: Allen Chunhui Xing
Performers: Victoria Wang, Vicky Li, Olivia Tweedy, Sonja Wilson, Lily Buczyna

This is Me
Choreographer: James Thomas Esquilin
Abby Cheng, Anna Song, Annabelle Mu, Carissa Qin, Caroline Fu, Carolyn Tai, Chi-Yu Sun, Chloe Brown, Chloe Tang, Cindy Li, Claire Zhu, Crystal Liu, Elaine Zhang, Crystal Liu, Elaine Zhang, Glenda Lu, Gloria Lu, Grace Li, Han Lin, Iris Ou, Jenny Huang, Kristine Hang, Leona Ru, Lily Dai, Lindsay Wu, Ling Li, Ling Liu,, May Li, Monica Axis Zhang, Ning Yin, Rebecca Chen, Ruby Xu, Rui Feng, Selene Yu, Sunny Zhang, Venita Wang, Vicky Li

More about Xing Dance Theater

Allen Chunhui Xing is a dancer and choreographer based in Maryland. He holds a BFA in Dance from Shanxi Academy of Arts, a M.Ed. from Salisbury University, and a MFA in Dance from University of Maryland. He currently is the Artistic Director of Xing Dance Theater and XDT Education. He is a former member of Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble (China) and performed in the production Forbidden Fruit Under the Great Wall which internationally toured from 2007-2011. Rapture as performer by PEARSONWIDRIG DANCETHEATER 2015. A Man’s Requiem as soloist by Korea Busan Metropolitan Dance Company 2018.

As an educator, Xing has taught master classes and workshops in the States, Asia, and Europe, including Shanxi Academy of Arts (2010-2014), the University of Maryland (2015-2018), Boris Eifman Dance Academy (2022), Kennedy Center (2021), Detroit Dance City Festival (2021), Taiyuan New Choreography Festival (2019), City Dance Festival-China (2019), MadDash Dance Festival (2017), American College Dance Association (2017), NextLook Festival (2016).

His work has been invited and selected to perform nationally and internationally including at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Battery Dance Festival, Dance Gallery Festival NYC, Booking Dance Festival NYC, NextNow Festival, Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, Washington DC Global Perspectives Festival, Maryland Dance Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, On the Move at the Kennedy Center, Baltimore Dance Invitational, Richmond Dance Festival, Peabody Dance! Festival, Detroit Dance City Festival, SpectorDance’s Choreographers Showcase, Japan SAI International Dance Festival, Seoul Choreography International Festival, Asian Contemporary Ballet Festival, Mexico International Contemporary Dance Festival, Finland International Gala, Dance Place 2020 season production, the Clarice second season production, Men in Dance Festival, Washington DC Choreography Dance Festival, Booking Dance Festival, and St Petersburg Global Valve Festival Alexandrinsky Theater premiere. 

Xing is the Both 2020 Baltimore and Maryland State Independent Artist First Place Award awardee, 2021/2022 Baker Artist Award recipient, 2021 Baltimore Artist Relief Grant First Place Award, 2021 Singapore International Dance Festival Choreography Gold Award.

Abraham Texidor Aguilera is a performance curator, dancer, choreographer, videographer, videoeditor, dance teacher, and mentor. He is intrigued by the sense of reality, the self, culture, and nature. At age 14 he received a scholarship from Ballet Señorial where he trained in classical ballet based on Cuban methodology, modern, contemporary, afro-caribbean, folk, jazz, hip-hop, and latin dance. Texidor worked there as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer. He collaborated with Hincapié both as a dancer and choreographer. He has been part of the cast of Andanza, training in contact improvisation, fighting monkey, flying low, and passing through. He was also a resident artist of the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in 2016. Texidor has offered workshops in multiple communities in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and New York City. He has both performed and staged his work in international venues. Texidor was a co-director for Conocidos Pasajeros with whom he also co-produced dance events in Puerto Rico. Texidor completed a Dance MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a BA with concentrations in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology from the University of Puerto Rico. Texidor is the co-directs NA2 Dance Theater, an independent company that has been creating work since Fall 2014.Currently, he is a full-time dancer and teacher with Xing Dance Theater.

James Thomas Esquilin‘s interest in dance awoke at an early age, entering the Pablo Casals Specialized School of Fine Arts. He specialized and trained in jazz dance, although he also took classes in different styles such as ballet, hip hop, salsa, folklore, and acrobatics. James received a full scholarship to continue his studies in ballet, at Ballets San Juan school. During his time at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, he was selected as a member of the Dance Team, in which he held the position of captain and now is currently the coach. As a coach, the dance team of the UPR – Río Piedras campus, holds the National Championship in the Jazz Division for two consecutive years and the top 5 (Hip Hop) in the UDA College Nationals 2019-2020.

In 2012 he began his professional career as a dancer with Hincapié dance company. During the course he was in companies such as Ballet Brío, CoDa21 and Andanza. Along with these companies, he had the opportunity to participate in different ballets such as The Nutcracker, Peter Pan, Romeo and Juliet, among other repertoires. He was also part of the Walt Disney World company and The Festival of Lion King show. He is currently an active dancer with the contemporary dance company Xing Dance Theater. James has had the opportunity to perform in countries such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Japan, USA, among others. James has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems and is continuing his college studies to complete a Master of Fine Arts Education with a specialty in Dance.Currently, he is a full-time dancer and teacher with Xing Dance Theater.


Jovannie Aranzamendi Nieves originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico began his formal training in ballet and jazz in 2010 at Ballet Senorial. In 2014, he became a student at Ponce School of the Arts, playing roles such as; Albretch in Giselle, Lucien in Paquita, Solor in La Bayadere, Basilio in Don Quixote, Cavalier in Nutcracker, and much more. During that period, he was accepted with a full scholarship to The Joffrey Ballet and became an apprentice at Balleteatro Nacional de Puerto Rico in San Juan, where his performance credits in the company include The Nutcracker and “Goat” soloist in Sylvia.He graduated with an advanced certificate in Ballet from Ponce School of the Arts in 2017. In 2019, he became a trainee in Centro Danza, directed by Laura Valentin, prima ballerina of Puerto Rico, and Osmay Molina, former first principal dancer of The National Cuban Ballet. Training in ballet, jazz, and contemporary there, he has performed in many showcases through out Puerto Rico.

In 2021, he received a full scholarship at Feijoo Ballet School in Houston, Texas, directed by Lorna Feijoo, former principal dancer at Boston Ballet and National Ballet of Cuba. He trained there with Nelson Madrigal, Lorena Feijoo, Lorna Feijoo, Taras Domitro, Sara Lane, Connor Walsh, Goyo Montero, Alejandro Parente and others. In August of that year, he started performing with Xing Dance Theather in festivals like City Dance Festival in Washington D.C., Choreographers Showcase in Carmel, California; Festival del Movimiento in San Juan, Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival in Orlando, Battery Dance Festival in New York.

He placed 1st place as a soloist in the Jazz lyrical Division at All Dance International in Orlando, Florida. In 2021 he became a member of the National Dance Team of Puerto Rico, competing at ICU Worlds Cheerleading Championship, placing 3rd in the world on Open Jazz and also 3rd in the nation in The Dance Worlds.Currently, he is a full-time dancer and teacher with Xing Dance Theater, directed by Allen Chunhui Xing.

Xing Dance Theater 
Xing Dance Theater is a contemporary dance company based in Maryland. It dedicates to movement research, creation, collaboration, cultural exchange, and education. Under the company, XDT Education provides training for all ages and abilities with our cutting-edge, proprietary curriculum following our XDT professional company model that is movement research based. XDT facilities are located in College Park, MD, Rockville, MD and Tysons, VA. Since its founding in 2018, XTD has been invited and selected to perform at  the Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, Battery Dance Festival, Dance Gallery Festival New York City, NextNow Festival, The Clarice Performing Art Center Second Season, Maryland Campaign, Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, Washington DC Global Perspectives Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, Maryland Dance Festival, The Kennedy Center China Spring New Year Festival Gala, Richmond Dance Festival, Japan SAI International Dance Festival, Detroit City Dance Festival, City Dance Festival Choreography Showcase -Taiyuan, Seoul Choreography International Festival South Korea, Dance Gallery Festival New York City, Joy of Dance OY Finland International Dance Gala, Mexico City International Contemporary Dance Festival, Asian Contemporary Ballet Festival South Korea, Dance Place 2020 Season Washington DC, DC Choreography Dance Festival, Singapore International Dance Festival, SpectorDance’s Choreographers Showcase. Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival, NBA Washington Wizards Game Halftime guest performance, and Men in Dance Festival

XDT Education 
Founded in 2018, XDT Education provides training for all ages and abilities with custom cutting-edge, proprietary curriculum following XDT‘s professional company model with facilities in Tysons, VA, Rockville, MD, and College Park, MD. XDTE has hosted master classes and workshops across the United States and in China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.

XDT Education includes a Student Dance Company to provide real life performances following a professional model. The XDT Student Company dancers are supported by a full scholarship and receive technique class, XDT repertory, and actively participate in the creation and rehearsal process for new productions. This helps the student build a self-evaluation system to set goals. Since its founding, the Student Dance Company has performed at the DC Choreography Festival, Peabody Dance! Festival, Washington Wizards NBA Half Time Show, Spector Dance’s Choreographers Showcase in California, Detroit Dance City Festival, and the Singapore International Dance Festival. XDT Student Dance Company dancers have also performed at the Washington DC Global Perspectives Festival and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival with the Xing Dance Theater.

The adult program is geared to those who desire to learn or enhance their skills, plus, the program provides professional performance opportunities. To foster community relationships, we launched a free community program for adults of all abilities to explore the joy of movement.